Silk Furled Tapered Trout Leaders

"WOW. I have fished with furled leaders for a couple years and zen outfitters UNI thread leaders for a while now and I really love the way they cast but this material is truly amazing! I have never cast so well in my life. My tippet was turning over perfectly even on my sub par casts and you know how great it looks when your dry fly lands like a natural just fluttering down when you make a good cast, well I was flabbergasted at how often that was occurring tonight. I do not know the mechanics behind it but if you like fishing dry flies this is a MUST have. I am going to buy several for my other reels as soon as they become available on the web store. I just reread this and I sound like I'm making a sales pitch but these leaders are far superior to anything else I've ever tried. There were no fish rising due to snow melt and high water but I could not stop casting, I was actually giggling. Hard to believe a natural material could be so far superior to synthetics... " -Michael (snorider) via The Classic Fly Rod Forum

Our Silk Dry Fly Leaders are all hand made out of 100% Pure Strand Silk, for the ultimate in dry fly presentation and accuracy. Our silk leaders, combined with our floatant process, create a leader that presents even the tiniest dry fly perfectly and naturally, from the first cast, to the last. Because they are thinner than our regular leaders, as well as 15% lighter, they also cast well in moderate winds, and are very forgiving of the occasional poor cast. They are also far more accurate than any other leader we've ever seen. When casting a fly during a hatch, you will truly be hard-pressed to tell your fly from the real thing.

"You don't get a second chance at a first cast....make it count!"

All of our trout leaders feature a 2mm polished nickel alloy tippet ring for easy tippet attachment and changes. Simply tie on 48" of tippet material, tie on your favorite fly and fish! You will immediately see a difference in how these leaders cast and present your fly.

Available in 50", 54", 60" and 78" lengths. Length is really a matter of personal preference, but we recommend using longer leaders for larger water, and shorter leaders for turning really large flies.

Floating leaders can also be used for wet flies, nymphs and streamers, and work quite well. However, if you really want to get your fly down in the water column, and get it there fast, we recommend the sinking leaders, which have a faster sink rate than even fluorocarbon.

Note: Do not lawn cast any of our furled leaders, as they will pick up dirt, which may cause them to sink, and can also damage the leader.

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