Product Reviews

"Am definately spreading the word here in oz regarding you're leaders, as I think they're a great product and the best that's out there"..

Greg Spanidis

Doreen Victoria, Australia


"Hi Jaime, I just put a blog post up about the floating line: Nice job! I think stillwater anglers would love to see these in longer lengths like the one you sent me (or longer). Thanks for letting me try them out! Regards, JASON KLASS"...

Jason Klass-Tenkara Talk Blog


"Jaime, Just want to drop you a line thanking you for making up the fire orange tenkara for Southern Highroads. Just to let you know they sold out in about three days"....

Bob Kern

Georgia, USA


"Jaime, I just posted a follow up review on your leaders on my blog. The original post is beneath it as well."

Jack Childress-Idaho Fly Fishers Blog


I've been using your furled leaders the past two seasons and it has been a revelation! They're now part of my standard set-up. Didn't know I could cast this well"...

Paul Hinchcliff

Charleston, S.C.


" I am a custom bamboo fly rod builder and I have been fly fishing since 1972 I began using furled leaders four years ago on both graphite and bamboo fly rods. Upon using them, I noticed that my casting and presentation improved dramatically. Furled leaders give a smooth transfer of energy from your fly line through to your tippet material. I will cover other advantages below, but first I would like to say, that after using several different brands, I consider the Zen Outfitter leader the best available on the market. Because of careful construction techniques,  The Zen furled leader lays out better than others because it is more supple than others.  Zen also coats it’s leaders with a proprietary floatant so you don’t have to do so before using it. I have used the ones made from mono and I have found that Zen’s use of Uni Thread not only makes the leader much more supple but they avoid building memory. I have compared the Zen leader to other leaders made from nylon thread and discovered that they lay out better than those as well. I tested several brands by just throwing them out on the floor in my shop. I was surprised at the difference.

At first, I was put off by the cost of a furled leader relative to a traditional leader, but it did not take long to see that this was an arguement that made no sense. The reason being, is that a furled leader is much more durable and will last much longer. The other advantages of using furled leaders more than make up for that cost difference. These advantages are.

  1. Because of the suppleness and mass of the furled leader, it turned over, straightening the tippet and fly every time with tighter loops.
  2. The furled leader is constructed of densely twined strands, and not braided, ( hollow) the resulting leader butt is entirely solid throughout the cross-section of its diameter and absorbs or holds no water.
  3. The leader behaves much like a spring; storing and releasing energy as force is applied or relaxed. In a well-designed furled leader this inherent stretching ability will usually be around 15% of its length. This results in less break offs while landing a fish.
  4.  Another important characteristic of the furled leader is durability. These leaders just don't seem to wear out. They are tough and can last several seasons of use.
  5. Finally, On the water, one simply changes tippet sizes or length of tippet to accommodate changing conditions or choice of fishing methods and flies."

Scott Nilsson-Owner, High Desert Fly Rods

Pocatello, ID. USA

"I've been fly fishing for over forty years and I've always felt that the weakest link in the fly line set up is the monofilament leader. They are a pain to attach to the fly line, they tie knots in themselves (wind knots) that an Eagle Scout would be proud of and, due to 'memory' they never truly straighten out. The quality of the factory tapered mono leaders is questionable at best and tying tapered leaders out of different diameters of monofilament is a time-consuming, frustrating experience.

I have been interested in trying furled leaders for a while and last season bought a couple of them from Zen Outfitters. I was truly amazed. These things work great! No more ranting and swearing while trying to nail-knot a piece of stiff mono to the end of a fly line, no more standing in the stream trying to form a decent surgeon's knot with shivering hands with a trout rising right in front of me while I'm trying to attatch a tippet to that stupid mono leader. No more wind knots!!

At first I was a little apprehensive about using a furled leader, thinking that the fish would see them and be put down. Doesn't happen. Even the picky browns in my local spring creek seemed to be unaware of the leader and, as long as I did my part, happily took the fly.

I've been using the 6.5 ft. Tapered Pure Thread Leader with either the Shorb Loop or Tippet Ring. Personally I prefer the Shorb Loop but in truth, both the Shorb and Tippet Ring seem to work equally well. I like the camo colored leader because it matches the color of my fly lines (green) but I don't think it makes much difference. These leaders are very soft and supple and straighten out beautifully even with my less-than-perfect casting. I love the fact that changing a tippet is so easy. With the Shorb Loop I tie a perfection loop in the end of the tippet and just loop-to-loop connect to the leader. With the Tippet Ring I simply attach the tippet to the ring with an improved clinch knot. I don't know if that is what Jaime recommends. but it works for me. Since 90% of my fishing is for trout in streams I I just carry a few small spools of tippet material - 2lb, 4lb and 6lb.

I always use the floating leaders and they really do float. They float really well, actually. No more greasing up a leader to ensure that it floats.

Jaime's workmanship on these leaders is flawless. They taper beautifully and the loops are nicely formed. I haven't figured out how he gets those tiny tippet rings in there, but I'll leave that to him. Service from Zen Outfitters is also great. No problems with shipping and Jaime is a great guy to work with.

I can truly say that the Zen Outfitters Furled Leaders are the single best thing that has happened to my fishing in years. I heartily recommend these leaders without reservation."

George Bruner, Blanchard, Idaho


"Just had to write a review on ZenOutfitters furled leaders. I come from a fishing family and have fished for most all my life (hint: my Grandfather is legendary rod builder Russ Peak.). but I had never heard of furled leaders. It seems these were the only way to do it before monofilament leaders became the norm. There is no comparison to how the ZenOutfitters furled leaders lay out your fly compared to mono. There is no "memory" in the leader which causes mono to act like a slinky. ZenOutfitters has chosen the best materials and I especially like the tiny silky smooth tippet ring for when you want to change out your tippet"...

Jim Martin

Boise, ID.


"Jaime, thought I'd send you a link to my blog reviewing your leaders! "...

Kai Larson

Colorado, USA


"Jaime, I just tried out the sinking leader you sent me, and it works great! Caught a 29 1/2 inch rainbow that weighed 3lbs on my first cast!"...

Scott Nilsson-Owner, High Desert Fly Rods

Pocatello, ID