• Dry Fly Leaders
    Superior casting,turn-over, and presentation
    on even the largest of flies. With our proprietary
    floatant process, they not only float straight out of
    the package, but are guaranteed to do so for life.
  • Steelhead Leaders
    Whether sinking or floating, our Steelhead
    leaders are designed for casting and presenting
    larger flies or streamers in the most challenging
    of situations. Sinking lines have a faster sink rate
    than fluorocarbon and are looped at the tippet
    end for greater strength.
  • Nymph/Wet Fly Leaders
    For our Sinking Lines, we use a fine diameter
    polymer thread that is abrasion resistant, strong,
    and has a faster sink rate than fluorocarbon.
    It's greater mass also assures smooth, accurate
    casting with even heavy streamers.
  • Tenkara Lines
    Our Tenkara Lines are hand crafted in the time honored tradition of using a single strand furled contsruction. Our floating lines have greater mass
    than a traditional line, and the casting is greatly improved as a result. Also available in sinking
    line, as well as Hi-Vis colors.
  • Floatants/Sinkants
    We offer a full line of floatants and sinkants,
    including paste floatant, iridescent fumed silica,
    and Ultra Sink, which is non-toxic and entirely
    made of food grade materials.

Welcome to Zen Outfitters

Zen Outfitters has rapidly become known as the source for the best hand furled leaders and tenkara lines in the world. There simply is no other leader or tenkara line in existence that matches our ability to softly present even the largest of flies accurately and consistently, every cast, every time. And our proprietary floatant process means that our thread leaders are guaranteed to float for life, straight out of the package. No other company can make that promise.

New for the 2015 season, we are offering the 'Henry's Fork Special', a 104" dry fly leader with an advanced taper which allows for air-mends and the multiple currents of it's namesake. Also new for 2015 are our new line of sinking leaders and tenkara lines. Made of an ultra thin polymer, they are extremely strong, supple, and have a faster sink rate than fluorocarbon.

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